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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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all parts of the town. As we came out of the church, we found all the convent and neighbouring houses lighted all over with lanthorns of red and yellow paper, and two bonfires. But you are sick of this foolish ceremony; I'll carry you to no more: I will only mention, that we found the Dominicans' church here in mourning for the inquisitor; 'twas all hung with black cloth, furbelowed and festooned with yellow gauze. We have seen a furniture here in a much prettier taste; a gallery of Count Caprara's: in the panels between the windows are pendent trophies of various arms taken by one of his ancestors 6 from the Turks. They are whimsical, romantic, and have a pretty effect. I looked about, but could not perceive the portrait of the lady at whose feefc they were indisputably offered. In coming out of Genoa we were more lucky; found the very spot where Horatio and Lothario8 were to have fought, ' west of the totvn, a mile among the rocks.'
My dear West, in return for your epigrams of Prior, I will transcribe some old verses too, but which I fancy I can show you in a sort of a new light. They are no newer than Virgil, and, what is more odd, are in the second Georgic. 'Tis, that I have observed that he not only excels when he is like himself, but even when he is very like inferior poets: you will say that they rather excel by being like him : but mind, they are all near one another.
Si non ingentem foribus domus cUta superbis Mane salutantum toils vomit aedibus undam:
And the four next lines; are they not just like Martial ? In the following he is as much Claudian;
Hlum non populi fasces, non purjpura rcgum Flexit, et infidos agitans discordia fratres; Aut conjurato descendens Dacus ab Istro.
8 Albert, Count Caprara (d. 1701),         fl Characters in Eowe's Fair Peni-Vfho in 1685 took Neuhaiisel from      tent. the Tnrkfl.